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Send me an e-mail and I will contact you as soon as possible.

  1. For Translations and Proofreadings,  attach  the document  or  a sample,  indicate  your contact details, the target language and the required delivery time.

  2. For Interpretations,  indicate  your  contact  details,  the source and  target
    languages, the estimated interpretation time and the interpretation location.
  • Translations are quoted per word

  • Any translation  which involves work  of more than 3,000 words per day  will
    be subject to an emergency translation surcharge

  • Similarly, translations which oblige me to work at the weekend,  on holidays
    or which require a lot of layout work will have a surcharge

  • Interpretations will be invoiced per half day or full day

  • Payment may be made by bank transfer or by Paypal
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